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Located between North and South America, it receives 8% of the world's biodiversity in only 1% of the surface of the globe Terrestrial Surface: 522,7601 km2.
Population: 45 739 000 inhab.
Gentilicio: centromericano.
Language: Spanish as an official language, except in Belize, which is English.
Countries: Belize, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua and Panama.
Central America has a great diversity of tourist and cultural activities offered by the countries of the isthmus. A region where you can discover the mysteries of an ancestral culture that still survives. 25 group, indícenas that dazzle with the intense color of their handcrafted embroidered fabrics and the catchy rhythm of the dances of the race Garífuna (mixture of the caribbean race and the black race). You will enjoy the beauty of the countryside, the colonial era, the virgin beaches, spectacular prints of crystal clear waters. Fine white sand and water sports that bathe the Caribbean coast and hide between its depths the second longest coral barrier on the planet. Jungles, waterfalls, river, and majestic volcanoes reanen travelers in Central American lands in search of adventure sports such as the zip line. Rafting or skiing in volcanic sand and is in Central America. Respect and enjoyment of nature are linked. Being one of the pioneer regions in ecotourism.
Source: Visit Central America


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