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With great enthusiasm, passion and emotion, we let you know that we are the pioneers of the Coffee Route in Honduras, the only tourist route that starts with tours that work, where every detail has been designed for you.

JM Tours Honduras takes you to an Experience of Height, where you will discover activities and things that are a mystery, you will relate to the beautiful people of the world of coffee, you will melt with nature, you can ride, bathe, exercise, you leave life Everyday, you can know about haciendas, plants, animals, feel, smell, taste the essence of a universal drink, enter into another dimension of wonder without limit.

Join us, to be an Ambassador of the Coffee Route where we discover coffee and what it entails, because to drink 100% pure coffee, change your lifestyle, become demanding, is a world of inexhaustible knowledge, and about Everything is a journey as they say from the heart of its mountains to the soul of its people, we marvel at tourist attractions in each destination, tradition and family culture that extends to fifteen of the eighteen departments of our country.

Position of Honduras in the International Coffee World

Honduras is the first (1st) exporter of coffee in Central America, third (3rd) in Latin America and seventh (7th) in the world, so you can not stop having the experience of knowing and observing the coffee production process of Traditional or industrial, from the grain to the cup, with the passion of the Catracho spirit, combining aromas and spectacular flavors that will awaken your senses and you will know why it is considered one of the best coffees in the world.

In Honduras we have the producer Marysabel Caballero is one of the greatest exponents of Honduran coffee, a work that has been inherited from generation to generation in his family. Its most recent success was to produce a special coffee that was the best paid in the program of auctions of the Rate of Excellence at world level reaching 120 dollars a pound, in competition with authentic powers of the coffee.

An Italian company and the main commercializer of global roasted coffee, has recognized the quality of the Honduran aromatic, including it among the best 9 in the world of 2016, and mentioning among the two best aromatic that this company buys.

You can not miss the coffee regions that constitute the Coffee Route of Honduras:


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